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6 Pest Control Solutions to Keep Pests Off Your Home's Siding

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One of the ways that pests can enter your home is via the siding. And sometimes, pests such as spiders can live on your home's siding and have a negative impact on its appearance. To stop pests from building nests on your siding or invading your home via the siding, use the following methods.

1. Trim bushes and trees near your siding

Animal and insect pests can use trees, bushes, and shrubs to access your siding. So keep the plants and trees that are near your siding trimmed so that pests don't use them as bridges to reach your siding.

2. Clean out your gutters to prevent moisture issues

When gutters clog with leaves, rainwater can leak onto the siding of your home. And even if you have vinyl siding, rainwater may eventually penetrate that siding and cause the wood underneath to rot. Rotting wood provides food for many pests, such as termites, carpenter ants, and wood-borers. Keep your gutters free of debris to stop moisture from creating favorable conditions for pests.

3. Keep firewood and debris away from your siding

Don't keep your firewood close to your home's siding. Bundles of firewood provide pests like rodents with hiding places while they seek to chew through the siding of your home. And many other pests take shelter in woodpiles and use them as bridges onto the siding of your home. The same goes for gardening tools, old furniture, or gardening waste.

4. Repair cracks and holes in your siding

If your siding cannot keep pests out because it is filled with cracks and holes, then you could have problems with bees, wasps, spiders, and even rodents. Check your siding often. If you find anything that might allow pests to enter, such as a crack or hole, fill it in with caulk or a similar material.

5. Reduce outdoor lighting close to your home

Where there is plenty of food, like flies and other insects, there will be plenty of spiders. If you have a lot of outdoor lighting near your home, you'll attract all manner of flying insects. This will encourage spiders to build webs on your home's siding. Reduce the amount of light close to your home to keep the local spider population low.

6. Protect your siding with an insecticide barrier

One way to ensure that pests don't build their webs and nests on your siding is to spray a pesticide barrier on it. With a pesticide barrier on your siding, insect pests will die once they touch your home's siding, meaning you'll have fewer pests in and around your home. To get help with exterminating pests, hire a professional pest control service to apply the necessary treatment.