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Three Steps to Help Eradicate a Flea Infestation

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Ah, summer! There's nothing like hot days, trips to the beach, and—fleas. Fleas love the high temperatures and high humidity that summer brings, so this is when they are most active during the year. When you have never had to deal with a flea infestation before, knowing where to start the eradication process seems daunting. However, these three steps will help you to send the fleas packing.

Start with the Garden

Your garden is a place where fleas like to hide out. So, even though it is hot, you need to get your garden maintenance up to date. Mow the lawn short, trim your trees and shrub plants, and get rid of any leaf or other tree debris piles where fleas like to hide out. Once the garden is clean, call pest control and get them to come out and spray your garden. Let your pest controller know where your pets like to hang out, as this is the best place to start the treatment. Once the garden has been cleared of fleas, then it is time to tackle indoors.

Deflea Your Pets

If you are not up to date with your pets' flea treatment, then it is time to get rid of their fleas and provide protection moving forward. Your vet is the best place to get advice on flea protection for your pets. Supermarket sprays and drops are not always effective, so spend the money to get the ultimate flea protection so that house infestation does not happen again. You might also consider buying a flea comb and giving your pet a brush after they have been outside the house. Do this for a couple of weeks until you see no fleas in the comb. When you see no fleas, then you know the outside treatment and the pet flea treatment are doing their job.

Be Vigilant Moving Forward

Once you know the fleas are gone, it is important to be vigilant. Preventative steps like placing a flea collar inside your vacuum cleaner bag to kill new fleas and keeping hallway traffic areas vacuumed regularly will ensure you capture fleas and their eggs as they enter your home. By being vigilant, you can prevent another infestation from breaking out.

Your pest controller has plenty of tips for you about flea control, so give them a call to ask them about your problem and to have them come spray your garden.