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Principal Termite Treatments You Can Consider For Efficient Pest Management

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The most common assumption a majority of homeowners makes about termite treatments is that it is a one-off procedure that will eliminate the current infestation and prevent a re-occurrence in future. The harsh reality is that while there is a multitude of termite treatments that you could consider, no one technique offers an all-encompassing solution.

Take note that termites are naturally found in the environment. Hence, just as environmental changes occur over the years, so does the adaptability of the termites. Therefore, any significant changes could quickly bring about another infestation if you are not taking proactive management measures. Luckily, knowing what termite treatments are readily available can help you make the right decisions on how best to protect your residence. So what are the principal termite treatments you can opt for?

Chemical termite barriers

Undoubtedly, chemical barriers are the most commonly sought after pest management method of eliminating termites. The reason behind their prominence is the continuous protection they provide. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to opt for DIY applications as this could compromise the efficacy of the chemicals used.

For starters, the pest control professionals will have to delineate a barrier around your property to make sure that there are no potential breaches before the application of the chemicals. Secondly, the specialists then administer an approved termiticide directly into the barrier so that it can seep into the soil. Once the termiticide is in place, any termites looking to forage toward your home will have no option but tunnelling through this chemical barrier, which effectively annihilates them.

You need to know that chemical barriers are matched to specific soil types, so your pest control professionals will carry out a soil analysis first to match your property with the right treatment. Furthermore, the different compounds in the soil will eventually break down chemical barriers, so they need to be re-done on a periodic basis.

Physical termite barriers

The second alternative you could consider when seeking termite treatments is the use of physical barriers. Just as its name implies, the pest control specialists erect physical barriers that function toward keeping termites from encroaching on your property. Therefore, the best time to elect to utilise this method is either when you are at the initial stages of home construction or if you are looking to add an extension on your property. Physical barriers are quite versatile; they can protect your main structure and can also be installed to fortify additional structures on your property such as barrier walls.

For the best results, consider utilising both physical barriers in conjunction with chemical barriers for top-notch protection.