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4 Ways You Could Be Inadvertently Inviting Termites Into Your Home

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Some homeowners may engage in an endless struggle against termite infestations without knowing that they are responsible for habits that encourage the pests to invade their homes. This article discusses some of the things that encourage termites to invade a home.

Improper Woodpile Storage

You could be unwittingly inviting termites into your home because of the way you store wood on your property. Do you pile the wood against an exterior wall? Such a storage method can lead termites to the walls and foundation of your home. The best way to store wood without inviting termites is by keeping that wood raised off the ground. Keep the wood several feet away from the building or its foundation. In this way, any termite attacks will be restricted to the wood located far from your foundation.

Inadequate Attention to Drainage

Poor drainage can also trigger termite infestations. For example, clogged gutters hold moisture for long and attract termites. The termites can then destroy the roof insulation on your home. Damaged downspouts can also deposit water close to the foundation/walls. Termites will be drawn to this moisture and they will end up damaging your home. Avoid making your home vulnerable to termite attacks. Clean your roof gutters regularly and make sure that downspouts deposit water far from the foundation. Downspout extenders can help in this regard.

Discarded Wood

Look around your yard carefully. Do you see any tree stumps or discarded pieces of timber on the ground? Such rotting wood can provide the food needed by termites. The pests will, therefore, find your property attractive due to the abundance of food. It won't be long before termites end up damaging your home.

Poor Tree Maintenance

Your termite problems may be due to the poor maintenance of the trees on your property. For example, do you have any tree branches touching the roof of the home? Such trees can provide a gateway for termites to move from the tree and into the roof. Similarly, dense tree foliage allows moisture to be trapped in the leaves and branches. That moisture, as already stated, will be a magnet to termites. It is therefore wise to prune all trees so that light and air can move freely through the leaves and branches. This will dry out any moisture left when some rain falls.

Invite a pest control professional to inspect your home in case you suspect that termites may have infested your property. They will implement the appropriate termite control measures to rid your home of the infestation.