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How Preparing Food Can Help You to Kill Cockroaches

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If your home is infested with cockroaches, you may only see them now and again. Cockroaches will tend to hide during the day. During the night, they will move about with speed and dart from place to place, making them hard to track. Because cockroaches breed at an incredible rate, laying traps to kill the odd cockroach here and there isn't an efficient way of combating the problem. In order to turn your home into a cockroach free-zone, you will need to locate the main nest. The easiest way to do this may seem a little surprising - all you need to do is to cook some food.

Cook to Attract Cockroaches

You may have noticed that cockroaches can often be found in the kitchen of your home. This is because cockroaches can often detect the scent of foods which contain high levels of sugar or fat. Kitchens also tend to include areas where cockroaches can hide away, such as under appliances or beneath counters. This fact means that you can use the scent of food to draw out the cockroaches so you can identify the location of their nest. Simply start cooking a type of food which gives off a very strong scent. You could fry some meat or roast a joint of meat.

Keep an Eye Open to Locate the Nest

While the food is cooking, you should open every door in your home to allow the smell to reach every room. You should then keep an eye out for where the cockroaches emerge. While it is likely one or two of the pests will come from places in which they were already hiding, the mass of cockroaches will come from the nest.

Call in Pest Control

While you have drawn some of the cockroaches out into the open, you should take this opportunity to kill them. A sharp blow with a blunt object will typically squish a cockroach. If you cannot bring yourself to do this, you should instead lay glue traps baited with bacon or butter which will trap the pests. You should then call in a professional pest control agency and ask them to deal with the nest. Inform the contractors of the location of the nest and then let them get to work. The pest control unit will use special techniques to eliminate every cockroach and their eggs.

If you would like to find out more, you should contact a pest control service today.