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Tips to Manage and Control Household Pests

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Cockroaches, rats, fruit flies and all those pests that visit your home can be pretty annoying. Besides causing structural havoc to your house and bringing in the dirt, pests can be a vast source of diseases. Household pests reproduce incredibly fast; therefore, they are hard to get rid of once they are in your house. Like everything else in life, the best pest management strategy is to keep them from getting into your house in the first place. Here are four easy ways you can do that:

Starve Them

Household pests are mainly attracted by food and water into your home, so the best way to keep them away is ensuring there is none. Be sure to keep all the food items in sealed containers or plastic bags. Cover the fruits tightly or store them in the refrigerator and wipe all food residues or crumbs on the kitchen counters, tables, seats, cooker and floors. Make sure you also remove the pet's food and drinks before going to bed and don't leave any water in the sink or containers.

Maintain Cleanliness

Ensure your house is the cleanest it can be from ceiling to floor. Always try to mop or vacuum the floors and carpets a couple of times a day especially a kitchen and dining room. All the surfaces including the tables, cooker, cabinets, fridge, and counters should be wiped clean after every use to ensure there are no oil or food crumbs. Last but not least, keep the trash in sealed containers and away from your house.

Seal Entryways

Household pests can fit in the tiniest cracks especially if they are small or hungry. It's important to have your house inspected both on the inside and outside for any cracks, crevices or entryways however small. Common areas you can find such openings include the windows, roof, doors, attic, garage, and places where utility lines pass through. Seal all the openings tightly using copper mesh, mortar or sheet metal to keeps bugs and rodents out.

Clear the Exterior

Keep your outdoors as clean and as dry as possible. Trim the fence and the shrubs regularly and be sure to keep the glass very short. Avoid keeping piles of wood or stones near your house as this is where pests will hide. Remove any area that can harbor standing water and cover items that can't be removed such as tanks.

Keeping household pests from your home entirely may not be possible because they are sneaky but proper pest management involves both prevention and elimination.