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How to Prevent Bed Bugs in Your Hotel

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How would you feel if a guest left a review of your hotel and complained about bed bugs? Not good - and it wouldn't reflect well on your business, either. Unfortunately, bed bugs are a fact of life and the occasional infestation is inevitable when you have so many guests staying.

However, that doesn't mean you should give up on treating bed bugs. The right action helps reduce the number of infestations and keeps your guests happy.

Keep reading to learn how to keep unwanted guests out of your hotel beds.

Listen to Guest Complaints 

It's essential to listen to guests when they complain of bites or itching after sleeping in one of your beds. Since bed bugs are so small and difficult to see, bites are the best evidence that there's an issue. Although some hotel guests have been known to make false complaints in the hope of getting a free refund, you should always assume that your customers are telling the truth - it's better to be safe than sorry.

Put Together a Bed Bug Action Plan 

Do your staff know what to do when they see a bed bug or receive reports of an infestation? Make sure they do by putting together a bed bug action plan. This could include taking the room out of service, moving any existing guests, washing bedding at a high temperature, separating from other bed sheets, and arranging for a local pest control company to carry out an inspection.

Having a plan in place means that there won't be any confusion around what to do when an infestation strikes and the disruption to your guests will be minimal. Include your bed bug policy in training for a new staff, and keep a copy of the plan easily accessible.

Arrange Professional Treatment

As soon as you're aware of a bed bug problem, you need to contact a commercial pest control company. While DIY measures like washing bedding at a high temperature can help, they won't guarantee that the problem is solved. Professionals will use heat and chemical treatment to remove bugs from the bedding, mattress, bed frame, and surrounding area. They'll ensure that there's no risk of the infestation occurring and can carry out regular inspections after their initial treatment.

Want to avoid a bed bug nightmare in your hotel? Listen to guest complaints, put together a solid plan for dealing with infestations, and arrange professional treatment. For more information, contact companies like Blakes Pest Management.