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4 Pests to Watch Out for In Your Baby's Bedroom

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While you may associate rodents, ants, and other pests with rooms like the kitchen and pantry, there's another room in your house than can be equally attractive to them: your baby's bedroom. If your worried that your child could be sharing their sleeping quarters with some unwelcome friends, look out for these 4 pests next time you clean up.

Mice & Rats

If you let your baby eat snacks in their bedroom, you could be attracting mice and rats. Rodents can smell and trace food from far away, so any dropped biscuits or puffs could bring them to your baby's door. Rats and mice can both spread dangerous diseases through their droppings. Some may even be brazen enough to bite a sleeping baby if they smell food on their body.


There are many types of moths that can invade your property, but clothes moths are the most likely type to find in your baby's bedroom. If you're like many parents, your baby's closet is probably full of clothing -- some they wear now, some they're too big for, and some that you're waiting for them to grow into. Piles of clothing create the perfect nesting place for moths, who will use the garments for food. 


Another pest attracted to piles of clothing is the spider. Australia is known around the world as being the home of venomous spiders. Even if you've not encountered many dangerous ones in your area, that's no excuse to become complacent. Spiders like hiding in dark places like closets and in little shoes. 


One thing ants are known for is their attraction to sweet things. Ants use sugar for energy, which is why you'll often find them congregating around spilled beverages -- in your baby's case, spilled milk. Baby formula contains sugar; if you let your baby's bottles spill or drip, it won't take long for ants to find the mess.

What Should You Do?

The best way to prevent pests from invading your baby's bedroom is to keep it clean. Try to avoid feeding your baby snacks in their room, and make sure you take their bottle away before they fall asleep to avoid food mess attracting bugs and rodents. Try to keep clothing sealed away in vacuum bags or airtight boxes so nothing can get inside. If you already have a pest problem in your baby's room, make sure you find a professional pest removal service in your area to deal with the problem. Many home pest control options, such as rat poison, can be dangerous for babies.